HOW I DID IT - Laura Dyer


Last week we had the opportunity to have a behind closed doors conversation with Laura Dyer, Deputy Chief Executive at Arts Council England.  

As part of our ‘How I did it’ series, the evening brought us her insight, wisdom and knowledge about Laura’s influential position and journey within the creative and cultural sector.

Laura portrayed the qualities of a highly experienced and humanised leader as she spoke with confidence and thoughtfulness and took time to meet with participants afterwards in case any of them did not want to ask a question publicly.

In a room full of curious and enthused minds, we had questions around funding routes, ACE's vision as well as exploring wider areas including, education, health, gentrification and the role the cultural sector might play in a changing society and economy.  

It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to engage with a key leader within our sector. Our How I did it talks create the platform to allow participants access to leading policy makers, artists and academics who can demystify the grey areas.  With candour and by providing simple explanations of complex issues, they provide access to valuable knowledge that you can't necessarily always find on the internet.  

These talks are always guaranteed to bring something new from both speaker and cohort as they provoke interesting discussions, an exchange of perspectives and spark new ways of thinking.

Thank you Laura for being ACE!