Chris Brown - Building your online narrative

Chris Brown held a session for our ASTONish cohorts recently to break down the best approach for using social media in the most effective way in building a business, maximising impact and talking to the world about your work.

Chris has a background in broadcast media, as a freelance journalist having written articles for Guardian Culture Proffessionals, Birmingham Mail and a-n among others, and is now Editor of arts blog Polaroids and Polar Bears and Account Manager at technical and technology PR agency Stone Junction.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

The session started with a couple of games to get everyone thinking about the main reasons artists, cultural organisations and business's use social media, and to help everyone to focus the main target audience that they are trying to connect with. 

Let's play a game!

Let's play a game!

A large emphasis throughout the session was how not to waste time. Which platforms do your target audience use? Working out the difference between your end user and audience is important for distinguishing this information. If your business works with children, it is their parents who are actually your target audience on social media, not the children. Working out the age of your target audience is very useful for not wasting time as different social media platforms, or channels, have quite distinct age range appeal.

Key points for building your social strategy were;

  • Identify your target audience
  • Pick your channels
  • Identify your aims and objectives
  • Define your tone of voice
  • Measure and evaluate success (and failure)

In creating a narrative Chris pointed out how consumers think both emotionally and logically when making purchasing decisions so when creating content it is best to enhance it with visual elements (use pictures) to feed both the left and right sides of the brain!

At the end of the session Chris left us with some food for thought;

  • Look before you leap
  • Get to know your users
  • Leverage any and all connections
  • Prepare to fail
  • Think about advocates not just numbers
  • Expect it to take time
  • Connect and help your community
  • Take chances
  • Have a personality

Follow Chris on twitter as @pipedownmrbrown