Opportunities at ASTONish

As we come to an end with our year long ASTONish journey and brilliant cohorts, we have one last final element to pursue with the RISE fellows. Opportunities @ASTONish is an initiative that provides a series of curated showcasing opportunities for participants based on key skills that they want to develop. It is designed to give our participants small commissions and a platform to apply the knowledge gained from the training days and test new work. Individuals will have an opportunity to work on varying projects suited to their art forms and specialisms with our collaborating partners.

Our collaborative partners will play a core role in supporting this element by providing essential resources, expertise and space and we are excited to be working with partners such as Birmingham Hippodrome and Town Hall Symphony Hall.

Some of our cohort have already been planning, building and even completed some of the commissions. Some of these involve delivering workshops with Birmingham Hippodromes HEN network, creating content and programme activity for B-Side 2018 festival, Production opportunities with Chinese New Year 2018, guest speakers at our recent symposium and some are busy getting ready for the ASTONish on Stage live music event with Town Hall Symphony Hall on April 4th. 

Opportunities @ASTONish is a practical learning opportunity and platform to share and celebrate the combined talent and strength of our RISE cohort. Not only will they be able to add to their portfolios and build meaningful networks for future opportunities, it is through creating these micro opportunities that will help to continue transforming the diversity of cultural leadership in the city.