Cordeillia Cooper

I’m 30 years old and was born and raised in Birmingham, Perry Barr. Having completed my foundation degree in Bourneville Institute for Art and design, I was set to immerse myself in Fine art. What better place than the capital; London! While in London I had an amazing opportunity to developing my own arts practice. It evolved from figurative sketches in charcoal and mixed media, to abstract expressionism in a very short time frame. Weekends would be spent sourcing exhibitions of my favorite artists work and travelling for hours to get a rewarding glimpse.

During the second year of my degree I was offered the unique opportunity to carry out voluntary art projects throughout primary schools within the local community… I found my passion!

Following my degree I went on to receive my PGCE in secondary education, Art and design. I was disappointed with the lack of creativity, set boundaries and seemingly insane focus upon levels rather then creative expression.  

Now, almost 5 years later I have realigned myself with the things I am most passionate about; teaching in interactively engaging ways and creative expression. I am director of Splat education, offering art based projects to schools while providing group and one to one tutoring to children of primary school ages.